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Sack of Bath Yesterday was spent in Bath, at the hot water Spa and on a Sack of Bath walk, more of that in the Fortnightly Letter later today, and in the evening I went to supper with an old friend who has moved to Daniel Street (and looks at the back of the house Jane Austen stayed in at 4 Sydney Place). There was the very curtain material that I was going to put on the Post today! It is Cote d'Azur and is apparently late 1970s, the curtains having moved with her several times. This is in fact the fabric that has survived best, in the sense that quite a few households still have it and it is as bright and fresh as ever, so that for many people Cote d'Azur is Collier Campbell. Do try and go to the exhibition at the National Theatre if you can. Although it has a few shortcomings, you will see an amazing celebration of an extraordinary duo.

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