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Sofa Gain The Collier Campbell exhibition was just slightly disappointing – although of course it was wonderful to see the tribute to both of them and to Susan Collier (who very sadly died a month ago, here is the Guardian obituary). It is a large exhibition, on the first floor of the National Theatre – and how extraordinary to see the range of both SC and SC's work. Perhaps because it was in celebration of fifty years of a partnership, and also their relaunch as a design company, it was a little dull – all the fabrics were behind glass in a rather archival way and despite the exhibition being at the National (which has incredible sets on stage) there was nothing imaginative like actual curtains hanging in front of a window or a sofa or even cushions (although there are a couple of beautiful dresses in CC fabrics). How great it would have been to mock up a 1970s kitchen amidst the slightly arid concrete soullessness of the National, a room with a sofa and armchair (my sister could have lent hers, it's covered in 'Bauhaus') and tablecloth all designed by CC, and with 1970s props. Nor were all the textiles on display, fair enough, but this one, for example, was only there as a sketch and not in its actual gloriousness (seen here thanks to my new niftiness with a scanner, apologies for having forgotten to write down the details, but it's probably 1980s). The beauty of this pattern reminds me every single day (we have it as cushions) of CC's triumphant sense of colour and design.

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