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Kasak According to the V and A this fabric is called Kasak. It is, in our opinion, the most beautiful of them all; and is apparently 1977, which means that our old Parker Knoll armchair had a new loose cover thirty-five years ago and has lasted incredibly well; except for the arm on one side (yes, the dear departed Sasha whom I wanted to call Flush when we got him in 1993 but was overruled) for there is something about the pattern and the colours which never cloys or dates, we love the chair as much as we ever did. Having said that, we also have a couple of pvc - plasticised - shopping bags which are very useful for vegetables but there is something about Kasak in pvc which is, well, faintly 1970s, in a bad way. If the bags got lost or a child borrowed them I wouldn't mind. Ironically, they never do. Ah ha! I think I'll put one in the shop window, next to the Diana Athill fabric (1970s) and the John Piper (1960s) as a retro object. (This is home-scanning again, showing how bright the chair cover still looks.)

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