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3 corpses-1

3 corpses-2

3 corpses-3

I was doing some dusting and I found these...my contribution to the "exquisite corpse" project that will hopefully see the light of day eventually. the idea being (if you don't already know) that each artist creates a story but the next artist only sees the last panel of the preceeding artist's contribution. and so on. and so on. chris mostyn was before me and his last panel...well, i guess it was a guy with an eyeball for a head. so i pulled out my residents records and looked for some inspiration...no, no. much like everything else i do, i had no plan here. in fact, my intention was to make it a lot longer but i didn't have the time to do much else. plus, i'm painfully slow now. and, more importantly, my patience for long narratives (as abstract as they may be) is pretty limited. still, one day, i'd like to do a long "story" (see last sentence pertaining to "abstract narrative") and then, hey, publish it or something. or light it on fire. whichever.

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I finally finished this motherfucker last night to the sound of japanese exploitation soundtracks. as you can maybe guess from the actual drawing, it is heavy winged related. heavy winged being a band from new york and portland (both? at the same time?) and this being the cover to their forthcoming 12". yeah, no birds, i get it. so i went with something a little more...i don't know. did i start this in one direction thinking it was going to go into another? not really. but there was definitely a point where i decided to stop drawing it for fear of either passing out or going blind. i have a rather, er, unhealthy way of producing art as my face is usually an inch (or less) from the paper. silly, i know, and try as i might to break myself of this terrible habit (like, you know, moving my face a few more inches upwards) i end up nearly resting my whole fucking forehead on the paper, giving myself a nice dose of eye strain. enjoy the art now, folks, because within 5 years i'm going to be totally blind.

anyway, on to the band...i haven't heard a ton of their music, but i have heard this record and it's kind of like the dead c (one of the best bands ever) mixed with, like, guru guru or ash ra temple or something like that. seriously, i'm bad at the "sounds like" thing, but i think it's quite good. plus, the cdr that they gave me of the recordings is super fucking loud. can't wait to hear the vinyl.

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The old man and the sea of pink

I turned this into an art print last year. lotsa pink, brown ink. at the time...i don't know. didn't seem like the color scheme was such a big deal. but it seemed like around the time that it was eventually printed, everything was pink and brown. so much for being ahead of the curve. but that's me all over. riding the trend into the dirt. this sucker tanked, though. i have a pile of these, too, if anyone is interested.

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Pork Center

Holy cow, i can upload images again. it's like a xmas blogger miracle. which means i'll be subjecting you to more of my crappy little drawings. and by "crappy" i mean "awesome" of course. i'll be taking a little break from the pigs for a bit 'cause i've got a few other things to do. just finished a poster for ladyhawk and i'm doing another little thingy i'll talk about later. or when i finish it. whichever comes first.