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Girl in a Red Hat Girl in a Red Hat 1916 was sold at Sotheby's in New York in November 2010 and apparently has never been shown in the UK. The copyright laws are a mystery – you can buy this painting as a '100% handmade reproduction' here, presumably with the agreement both of the owner and the Harold Harvey Estate. 'Reproductions' are interesting: we love posters at Persephone Books (railway, Shell etc) and we are very pleased to be able to put a painting on the Post (and on the front of the ten Classics), but a lifesize reproduction – no, it doesn't quite do it for us, hope we aren't snobs but it's simply that we prefer the 'actual' and the genuine. Harold Harvey is so au courant with his love of stripes! (Dashing now to the Collier Campbell exhibition at the National Theatre.)

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