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POSTER A FEW CARELESS WORDS MAY END IN THIS SINKING SHIP Rex Whistler was killed in July 1944 in Normandy. (Here is a video showing the memorial glass prism designed by Laurence Whistler; there was more glass engraving by Laurence Whistler on the Post in early March of this year). Lest we forget – lest we become too focused on houses, textiles, paintings of women reading or chatting to their cooks – this week's Post will feature different aspects of the war. And we'll imagine that our books are going to start having covers and which image would be appropriate for which book: this poster would suit the opening of A House in the Country, or alternatively Miss Ranskill Comes Home, since it's what Marjorie keeps saying, bossily (cf. Stuck in a Book's post here, and the comments). The poster was produced in 1940 and was by Norman Wilkinson.

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