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E Dunbar A Knitting Party again Today our kind envelope stuffers (minus hats) spend the day sending the new Biannually to the 4000 'foreigns' (cf, Facebook). Whereas Kenneth Clark may not have considered knitting to be 'war work', most women rightly thought they were making a contribution to the war effort. A Knitting Party 1940 © IWM is on page 104 of Gill Clarke's book. If it seems familiar it's because it was in the Biannually four years ago when House-Bound was published. The caption read: 'Evelyn Dunbar was commissioned by the War Artists Advisory committee and was the only salaried artist painting women's activities on the home front. "Rose had spent the afternoon at a Red Cross working-party" we are told on page 50 of House-Bound, "and Rose would sit there knitting..." on page 258.'

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