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e-m-delafield E M Delafield in the 1920s © Life magazine. Copyright laws are a mystery. EMD is still in copyright here (although comes out in three years) but Consequences is apparently public domain in America so someone has scanned in our edition and it is available on Project Gutenberg. We cannot imagine any Persephone reader choosing to read the extraordinary Consequences on screen rather than spending a mere ten pounds on one of our books but it seems more 'up front' to mention it. Someone rings nearly every day to ask when our books will be available electronically and we reply neither in the negative nor affirmative ie. the response is - one day. Faber have started doing this for other publishers under the cleverly named Faber Factory umbrella. Maybe the time has come for us to walk round to Great Russell Street and talk to them. Or should we just say: no, for the moment Persephone books are grey with endpapers on beautiful Munken Pure paper in legible Baskerville type and that's how it's going to be.

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