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Samuel John Peploe Today we are busy sending out copies of the reprint of Still Missing, 1500 of them, which is the number of people who ordered it from other bookshops after the Radio 4 broadcast. We made the decision not to supply Gardners with all the copies they wanted but to hold enough back for our readers, and luckily we never ran out. After the packing up of the boxes, and their collection by our two stalwart courier companies, we hope to slump in armchairs as per this Samuel John Peploe painting (more likely the slumping will be postponed until the weekend). Blue and White Teapot 1917 is at Kirkcaldy, which coincidentally is where Marjory Fleming lived until her death at the age of 8 on 19th December 1811 – it would be the perfect New Year read. Nb Samuel John Peploe was related to DE Stevenson by marriage – he was her husband's uncle.

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