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I finally finished this motherfucker last night to the sound of japanese exploitation soundtracks. as you can maybe guess from the actual drawing, it is heavy winged related. heavy winged being a band from new york and portland (both? at the same time?) and this being the cover to their forthcoming 12". yeah, no birds, i get it. so i went with something a little more...i don't know. did i start this in one direction thinking it was going to go into another? not really. but there was definitely a point where i decided to stop drawing it for fear of either passing out or going blind. i have a rather, er, unhealthy way of producing art as my face is usually an inch (or less) from the paper. silly, i know, and try as i might to break myself of this terrible habit (like, you know, moving my face a few more inches upwards) i end up nearly resting my whole fucking forehead on the paper, giving myself a nice dose of eye strain. enjoy the art now, folks, because within 5 years i'm going to be totally blind.

anyway, on to the band...i haven't heard a ton of their music, but i have heard this record and it's kind of like the dead c (one of the best bands ever) mixed with, like, guru guru or ash ra temple or something like that. seriously, i'm bad at the "sounds like" thing, but i think it's quite good. plus, the cdr that they gave me of the recordings is super fucking loud. can't wait to hear the vinyl.

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