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I was doing some dusting and I found these...my contribution to the "exquisite corpse" project that will hopefully see the light of day eventually. the idea being (if you don't already know) that each artist creates a story but the next artist only sees the last panel of the preceeding artist's contribution. and so on. and so on. chris mostyn was before me and his last panel...well, i guess it was a guy with an eyeball for a head. so i pulled out my residents records and looked for some inspiration...no, no. much like everything else i do, i had no plan here. in fact, my intention was to make it a lot longer but i didn't have the time to do much else. plus, i'm painfully slow now. and, more importantly, my patience for long narratives (as abstract as they may be) is pretty limited. still, one day, i'd like to do a long "story" (see last sentence pertaining to "abstract narrative") and then, hey, publish it or something. or light it on fire. whichever.

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