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Meredith Frampton 1927: Still Life Still Life 1927. 'Meredith Frampton developed a fondness for "dressing" his pictures with disparate objects – telephones, test-tubes, spent matches, tape measures, screeds of paper, single stem flowers, pieces of fruit, ears of corn – that he would then spend weeks rendering with a photographic and, at the same time, rather eery realism' (Sunday Times article). (Irrelevant but interesting note: Persephone Books has two friends called Meredith: Meredith Hooper has a programme on BBC Radio 3 tonight at 10.45. It is about the plight of penguins in the Antarctic. Meredith Ramsbotham is also a painter; we have the trompe-l'oeil she did for Dimanche and Other Stories on display in the shop – just ask to see it.)

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